NEWS / The LEADER Rural Development Project has been launched in the Csíkregion

The LEADER Csík Local Action group has started its activity in April 2012, after signing the 450,000€ operational cost and 2,285,000€ funding agreement with the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishing to implement the Rural Development Plan and to support the LEADER initiative in the region.

The preliminary activities started in 2009-2010 with the involvement of local actors. As a result, the LEADER Csík local development strategy was elaborated. The Rural Development Plan and the Guide for Application were submitted to the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishing in November 2010. The results were made public in 2011 and in February 2012 the funding agreement was signed. The working team started its activity in April and the first calls for tenders were launched in May 2012.

The LEADER Csík LAG promotes the local strategy and the calls for tenders through multiple ways: informative caravans, distribution of materials, presence in the local and regional media.

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