NEWS / LAG Csík in action

Since the official approval of the Local Development Strategy the number of projects submitted to the Csík LEADER Local Action Group is in continous growth.
The majority of the submitted project proposals are in the implementation stage and the requests for projects in ongoing under the various measures included in the Strategy.

The Local Development Strategy main objectives are grouped under the following measures:
Measure 1.1 – Village-development (investments in local infrastructure)
Measure 1.2 – Development of micro-enterprises (development of small-size enterprises)
Measure 1.3 – Increase of the agricultural and forrestry product’s added value (development of agricultural products)
Measure 1.4 – Tourism development (development of turistical infrastructure and services)
Measure 1.5 – Support the existing and the new agricultural integrations
Measure 1.6 – Suppot the promotion of local products, cultural and turistical services, local events
Measure 1.7 – Imprrovement and development of local social, cultural and sport infrastructure
Measure 1.8 – Support the young farmers
Measure 2.1 – Introduction of systems based on green energy
Measure 2.2 – Protection of the rural heritage
Measure 2.3 – Development of local studies, projects and historiography
Measure 3.1 – Training
Measure 4.1 – International partnerships
% of contracted amounts / available bugdets for each measure 

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