Sovidek-Hegyalja LAG

The Sovidek-Hegyalja Local Action Group has been authorized in September 2011 as a LEADER LAG by the Romanian managing authority of the EARDF.
The local development strategy of the territory is focusing on all three axis of the EARDF, and it contains tailor made measures to meet local objectives.

The territory is situated in Harghita county (NUTS3 level region), Romania. The area is mountainous, with LFA status regarding its agriculture, there are different NATURA2000 sites in it. The overwhelming population is ethnic Hungarian, but there is a certain number of Romanians and Romas in the area. The territory is made up of seven LAUs, all rural villages with an economy based on agriculture, forestry and rural and health-care related tourism. Local people are bilingual, speaking Hungarian and Romanian both.

The LAG is looking forward for cooperation with LAGs from other member states of the EU concenring the following issues:
1. innovation in the management of LAGs and in the evaluation processes of projects submitted to LAGs,
2. local food based development projects.

The networking measures are included in the LAGs budget, each with an amount of 25.000 euro.

If you are intrested in networking with us, please contact the LAGs main office: office@sovidek-hegyalja.ro

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