Our motto is: „We create quality”

Future vision: The integrity of body-soul-spirit means the perfection of human existence. The development of the local economy-society-environment can contribute to a growing and contented community.

The Csík Leader LAG includes 23 communes (70 communities), represented by local governments, public institutions, entrepreneurs and NGOs. The main aim of the partnership is to develop the local rural areas and communities. The Csík Leader Association involves the communities from the Ciuc Basin, Casin Basin and Ghimeș Valley, with the exception of the two towns – Miercurea-Ciuc and Bãlan.

Our staff:
Mátéffy Mária – Executive Director, 0745 654 922, office@csikleader.ro
Berényi Ágnes - Animator, 0757 070 135, berenyiagnes@csikleader.ro
Berényi Ildikó - Accountant, 0757 070 133, berenyiildiko@csikleader.ro
Butyka Loránd – Technical Expert, 0757 070 134, butykalorand@csikleader.ro
Köllõ Tímea- animátor, 0757 070 136, kollotimea@csikleader.ro
Koszta Csaba János - Animator, 0743 992 806, kosztacsaba@csikleader.ro

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